3 Common Massage Therapies You Should Know

Many things can cause your muscles to be tense—a three-mile run, a hectic day at work, or waiting in line for your coffee. Sitting or standing for too long can also cause tension to build up in your body. Thankfully, it can be relieved through massage therapy. But with many types to choose from, it can be challenging to select the right one for your body's needs. This article outlines three types of therapies you should know.

1. Swedish 

This therapy is among the most popular. It originated from Sweden and is based on the theory that every part of the body has its own unique pain points. During this massage, a therapist uses a combination of friction and pressure techniques to release the tension in the body to make you feel more relaxed. These include long slow strokes and stretching movements, bending the joints, rubbing, kneading, and vibrations.

Swedish massages usually take place on a table. Before this process begins, you should share your health history with the therapist to enable them to know the areas they should avoid. If you frequently attend these sessions, you're likely to experience better blood circulation, reduced toxins in the muscles, less stress, and improved oxygen concentration in your blood.

2. Hot Stone

If you're hoping to get an incredible massage experience, hot stone massage is worth exploring. It targets the back, neck, and shoulders. A therapist will use hot stones to relax the muscles in these areas while you're lying on a bed. They may apply some pressure on the stones and distribute them evenly on your body to send the effect deeper into your tissues and help you relax. To prevent the heat from overwhelming you, they'll use other complementary therapies like cupping, reflexology, and Shiatsu interchangeably. At the end of this process, you'll feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very trying time for a woman. It can be challenging to deal with physical changes and all the pains and aches that accompany them. Thankfully, pregnancy massage can make you feel better. A professional prenatal therapist will work on your muscles to reduce swelling, boost your sleep, regulate your hormones and minimize your pains. This type of massage doesn't require you to lie on your belly. Instead, the therapists will massage you in different positions that won't affect your health and that of your baby.

Massages offer a great way to relax and relieve stress. Attending these sessions frequently will significantly improve your health and well-being. Book an appointment today to enjoy the benefits they come with.

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