Scheduled For Surgery? How Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage Will Benefit Your Recovery

If you're scheduled for surgery and you're looking for ways to improve your recovery, it's time to schedule a post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage. Your lymphatic system is responsible for filtering foreign substances from your body, draining fluids, and ensuring a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, your lymphatic system doesn't always drain as well as it should, especially following surgery. That's where the lymphatic drainage massage comes into the picture. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to get fluid to your lymph nodes so that your lymphatic system can get rid of the impurities. Read the information provided below. You'll find four reasons to schedule post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage

Improves the Healing Process

If you're going in for a surgical procedure, you want to do everything you can to improve the healing process. One way to do that is with post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage. Surgery can interfere with the natural drainage process, which can cause problems with the healing process. Some of the problems include an increased risk for post-surgical infections, bruising, and scaring. Post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage helps to move fluid to the lymph nodes, which helps to improve healing. 

Reduces Post-Surgical Pain

If you're scheduled for surgery, you can expect to experience some pain and discomfort during the recovery. If you want to reduce the amount of prescription pain medication you'll need, it's time to schedule your post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage. When fluid builds up around the nerves, you can experience an increase in post-surgical pain. One of the benefits of post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage is that it causes the fluid to move away from the nerves, which reduces the pain. 

Circulates Lymph Fluid

If you're planning your post-operative recovery, don't forget to include lymphatic drainage massage. After surgery, your lymph nodes might not function as well as they should. Unfortunately, that means that bacteria, toxins, and excess water will build up in the tissue throughout your body, which is why you need post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage. This type of massage helps your lymphatic system process the waste, which allows it to leave your tissue. 

Alleviates Swelling

If you're worried about post-operative swelling, lymphatic drainage massage can help. After surgery, you may notice some swelling throughout your body, including in your lower extremities. Unfortunately, swelling can interfere with the healing process and can increase the pain and discomfort you experience following surgery. Post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage removes the fluid that builds up, which alleviates the swelling and the discomfort.