Should You Try A Thai Massage?

While many people think of a massage as a relaxing venture, the truth is that there are some forms of massage that are more active. Thai massage involves the pulling and stretching of the body, releasing tension, and improving range of motion.

Are you curious about Thai massage? Here's what you need to know before you try it for the first time.

What Is Thai Massage Like?

Thai massage involves the therapist using different body parts, including the knees, hands, feet, and legs, to manipulate the body. The goal is to help you stretch out and focus on helping your joints and applying pressure as necessary.

Your therapist may also incorporate something called energy work, which is meant to help with potential imbalances and deficiencies in the body. The goal is the improvement of all-around health.

Does Thai Massage Hurt?

Thai massage may occasionally feel uncomfortable, especially when the therapist finds knots in your muscles. You will feel some pressure, but you can also discuss discomfort or pain with your therapist.

What Are the Benefits of Thai Massage?

Thai massage offers a variety of benefits. Some people experience stress relief and an increase in energy. Some people also say that they don't have tension headaches or back pain anymore.

Thai massage can also increase flexibility and range of motion as well, allowing you to move with more fluidity. Thai massage can also support lymphatic drainage. Plus, some people just like the stretching.

Is There Anybody Who Should Avoid Thai Massage?

Thai massage may not be for everybody. In fact, some people should avoid Thai massage. It is important that you speak with a massage therapist about Thai massage before you get started.

For example, you might avoid Thai massage if you have ever suffered from osteoporosis or disk herniation. If you've recently had surgery, you should also avoid Thai massage. Additionally, you should ask before you get a massage while pregnant.

How Can You Prepare for Thai Massage?

You can prepare for Thai massage by arriving early and not eating a heavy meal ahead of time. You should be hydrated, and you should express any sense of discomfort or pain to your therapist.

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