Trying To Fix Your Posture? Here's Why You Should Get A Massage First

Most people know that bad posture can have a long-term effect on their bodies. Poor posture is bad for everything from your spine to your digestion, so taking steps to try and correct it is in your best interest. However, there are times when that's easier said than done. If you've had bad posture for a long time and are trying to correct it, read why you should get a massage first.

What Poor Posture Does to Muscles

It's easy to think of poor posture as providing your muscles with a break, but that's not fully true. While some muscles are more relaxed than ever, others are working overtime.

In order to hold your body upright, your sides, back, and abdominal muscles all have to work in tandem. When you have poor posture and slump forward, for example, your abdominal muscles stop participating, which puts more strain on your back to compensate. 

Difficulty Correcting Without Massage

Your muscle exhaustion can lead to two major problems that can stunt your efforts to try and fix your posture.

For starters, the muscles that are working hard are likely stiffer than usual. This is because they're not flexing regularly and are instead holding a static position in order to support your upper body. This can make it hard when you need those muscles to flex in order to fix your posture.

In addition, long-term poor posture can stretch out some of your muscles. Muscles need to be able to tense and relax at will, but when they're stretched from overuse, it can be difficult to make them tighten on command.

Exhaustion From Correcting

After you start trying to correct your posture, you're probably going to end up with sore muscles.

The reason for this is the same as having sore muscles from working out. Some of your muscles haven't been used properly in a while and have grown weaker as a result. They're more likely to ache and become sore after a long period of use, which can make it hard for you to maintain good posture until they become stronger.

However, maintaining a regular schedule of massage appointments can also help with sore muscles that are tired out from being used again. Whether you're already trying to fix your posture or are just thinking about it, make an appointment with a masseuse for the best results.

To learn more, contact a massage therapist in your area.