Avoid Bumps After Your Facial Waxing Session

Waxing is fast and effective when it comes to removing hair from the face. However, it does come with some potential pitfalls, more specifically — bumps. The key thing to remember about this nuisance is that it's not a standard; there are measures you can take to avoid these bumps.

Exfoliate Beforehand

Waxing involves forcefully removing the hair from the root, which is an intense process in and of itself. However, if you also have ingrown hairs, their growth pattern often leaves the skin more irritated after the waxing process. A side effect of this increased irritation is often inflammation, which surfaces in the form of bumps. To minimize the level of inflammation caused to the skin, it's a good idea to exfoliate a day or so before your session to help loosen the ingrown hairs for easier removal.

Leave Your Face Alone

After your waxing session, leave your face alone. Bumps form due to irritation, as well as bacteria. Even when your hands are seemingly clean, there are typically countless types of bacteria that can be found on them. If you keep touching your face after the treatment, given the already sensitive state that your skin is in, you're more likely to introduce bacteria into your skin's underlayers, which might cause bumps, so leave your face alone.

Avoid Heavy Creams and Oils

When you get home after the wax session and wash your face, it might be a good idea to avoid any heavy creams or oils that you generally apply as part of your skin regimen. Many of these products contain perfumes and other ingredients that can irritate the skin. Again, given the sensitive state that your skin is already in after waxing, introducing these ingredients can cause further irritation and lead to inflammation. Stick with a lighter solution at least for the first day.

Don't Tweeze

Don't take the hair removal process into your hands. Always allow a trained waxing professional to perform the process for you. When you tweeze at home and then have your face waxed, you put your skin in an especially vulnerable state. It's also important to note that tweezing can also rip the skin. Waxing already torn skin can quickly lead to inflammation. You might need to schedule your waxing sessions closer together if you notice your hair grows back faster.

If you've been hesitant about trying facial waxing because you're concerned about developing bumps on your face — don't. Follow these tips to achieve the hair-free face you want without the bumps. Contact a local spa like Lavida Massage of Staten Island to learn more about facial waxing.