The Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage After An Auto Accident

If you are dealing with pain from a whiplash injury, or you have strained muscles after getting hit in an auto accident, a deep tissue massage can help you recover. While your first massage may be a lighter massage to improve circulation, additional massages that get to the root cause of your pain can make a big difference in how you heal. Massage helps to increase circulation to the area, reduces inflammation, and can improve your overall mobility. When your muscles, ligaments, and tendons are sore and tight because of an injury, Swedish massage therapy or a deep tissue massage can help reduce strain and improve performance.

Whiplash Pain and Massage

Whiplash occurs when your head is forced forward and backward rapidly and is extended too far. You will feel pain in your neck muscles, shoulders, and at the base of your skull. Massage helps by releasing tension in your muscles. Once tension is released, the circulation within your muscles will increase. This allows necessary blood to flow to the area, helping your tissues heal from the injuries sustained. Muscles that are tight constrict blood flow, making it hard for your tissues to heal.

Massage Promotes Natural Healing

While you might take prescription pain medication if your injuries are severe, this is not going to heal your injuries. Medication will mask your symptoms, making it possible for your body to heal without as much pain. Massage improves your ability to heal, making you less dependent on medication in order to feel better. As your muscles heal from the trauma of an injury, you will have less pain overall. Massage gives you the chance to reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication.

Keep Moving With Deep Tissue Massage

As you recover from an accident, part of your recovery will include movement. When you have soft tissue injuries, sitting still to avoid pain is only going to make it harder for you to heal completely. After a massage, you will discover that it is easier to move about with less pain. Massage allows you to have the mobility you need, even while you are still healing.

Deep tissue massage can speed healing times and give you comfort during the healing process. If you are in an auto accident, massage can give you the support you need while you are recovering. When you are stiff and in pain, a massage can be just the answer.