Wellness Center Services: Massage For Marathoners

Although the marathon is often the benchmark for a long and grueling test of endurance, the training you need to put in to complete the race can be a far greater feat. Your training essentially falls into two categories: work and recovery. Without either part of this equation, you may struggle to make it to the starting line of your marathon.

Here's a quick guide to help you use massage to help speed up the recovery process during marathon training.


Massages come in a variety of techniques for a variety of purposes.

  • Deep Tissue: These are the most strenuous and least pleasurable massages. If you're looking for a relaxing rub down, don't schedule a deep tissue massage.
  • Flushing: These massages are light in nature. When you're looking for a relaxing time at your wellness center, schedule a flushing massage.
  • Swedish: These massages are blend of deep tissue and flushing massages. Although not uncomfortable, your massage therapist might perform some stretching with your massage that can feel uncomfortable.
  • Cupping: One of the newest types of massages to gain wider traction with marathon runners, these massages involve large suction cups. These suction cups pull apart the layers of your skin to encourage blood flow to sore areas of your body. Although not overly uncomfortable, these massages will leave unsightly bruising for a number of days.


Massage, particularly deep tissue massage, actually involves breaking up scar tissue to help your muscles fully recover from training. In breaking up the scar tissue, your massage therapist will actually create addition muscle tears, which can leave you feeling more sore the day after your massage.

Timing your massages becomes almost more important than the types of massage therapy you might receive. Generally speaking, you should have your massages after your toughest and/or longest training runs. Additionally, allowing for an extra recovery day (easy running or a day off) can help make your massages even more effective.


Once of the unique benefits of booking a massage through a wellness center are the wide variety of treatments available with your massage. For instance, you might book a massage that includes additional meditation, a mud bath, acupuncture, and pedicure to transform your massage session into a spa day experience.

You can often get these bundled services for a much cheaper rate than if you paid for them independently. Exploring these options with a wellness services center before you start your marathon training can help build these treatments into your training plan.