What Massage Can Do For Auto Accident Victims That Other Treatments Can't

Massage is often touted as the "cure-all" for what ails you. While you might think that this is more hype, it is not. Massage does some amazing things for the human body. If you do not believe it yet, here are just the things massage can do for auto accident physical therapy patients that other treatments cannot.

All-Natural Pain Reliever

The biggest issue that car accident victims have is pain. Massage is a natural pain reliever. It loosens tight, tense muscles, which, after an accident, can be a major source of discomfort. Human touch and skin-to-skin contact, which is required for a good massage, activates the dopamine and serotonin centers in your brain. Dopamine and serotonin are your body's all-natural happy chemicals, which cause you to feel really good even when you were feeling really awful a few minutes ago.

All-Natural Sleep Inducer

Massages can help crash victims sleep better. Most crash victims are unable to sleep due to (A) pain, and (B) anxiety and insomnia from the accident. Rather than take a handful of pain and sleeping pills, you can get a daily massage that will ease away pain and cause you to be so relaxed and comfortable that you can sleep better. Additionally, it is proven medical science that when you sleep better you heal faster.

All-Natural Stress Reliever

Crash victims suffer stress from not being able to do what they did before the crash and feel as though they should be able to do those things. Everyone knows that massages relieve stress, but what you may not know is that they also reduce stress hormones that the body produces in response to terrifying situations. After a car crash, you can continue to produce high levels of stress hormones, causing you to constantly feel on edge, frustrated, moody, and even unable to sleep. Massages address all of the above in an all-natural, drug-free way.

All-Natural Circulation Increaser

After a crash, your body may find it difficult to circulate the blood and fluids through injured parts of the body. Everything seems to get stuck above, below, or in the injured areas, creating a lot of swelling. When the massage therapist works around these areas, he/she is increasing your circulation by helping the blood move around and through these areas. The better your circulation, the faster you will heal, which is one reason why massages are a good substitute for the exercise you might not be able to do after an accident