Plan A Weekend Retreat To Provide Your Loved One With Pampering Sessions And Time To Relax

If your loved one's birthday is approaching next month and you would like to treat them to a weekend retreat during that time, filled with pampering sessions and plenty of time to relax while enjoying the crisp autumn air outdoors, consider making reservations at an inn nestled in the woods and adding the following details to the itinerary for the getaway. 

Order A Meal For Two And Dine In A Dimly-Lit Area

Prior to arriving at the inn, obtain information about room service and a menu that is offered to guests. Make arrangement to have a meal for two delivered to you and your partner's room shortly after your arrival. Order food items that your loved one would not normally indulge in, and order a bottle of fine wine or champagne to enjoy while polishing off the meal. Set up a table and chairs on the balcony or deck adjoining your room and place a lantern or candle in the middle of the table to provide the dining area with a romantic and secluded aura. 

Purchase Spa Sessions That Include A Deep Tissue Massage And Facial

After getting a full night's sleep, contact local spas in the area and inquire about packages that are offered. Purchase spa sessions for you and your partner that include receiving deep tissue massages, facials, and any other therapeutic services that interest both you and your loved one. Request that tables be lined up next to each other so that you and your better half can lay side-by-side while tension is reduced for both of you while participating in the spa sessions.

If an aromatic oil or cream is used during the sessions and either of you enjoy the scent it emits and the way that it feels as it is being rubbed into skin, purchase some to take home with you if the spa has a line of products that are for sale. After the weekend retreat, you and your partner can give each other massages and facials on special occasions to assist with helping each other feel relaxed. 

Explore The Outdoors Before Sharing A Picnic Lunch

Ask your loved one if they would like to explore the environment that surrounds the inn and take the time to hike through the woods while discovering the natural beauty that is present. If the staff at the inn have a map or brochure that lists some scenic attractions, request a copy and take it along on the outdoor excursion so that you and your partner can locate points of interest.

Once you and your loved one have viewed the area, ask your partner if there was a specific part of the hike that they enjoyed the most. Prepare a picnic lunch and take it to the chosen location so that you and your partner can relax while sharing each other's company in the beautiful setting.