Give Your Poor Feet A Rest! Pampering Options For Tired Toes

Your feet take the brunt of your weight throughout the day. They are the part that's at your lowest extremity, which means you may not often turn your attention towards how your feet are feeling. Today is the day to change that! Here are some options for pampering your feet. 


Self massage is the first option. Get some essential oils to rub on your feet to give them a bit of a rejuvenating kick. Many people don't spend enough time tending to the aches and pains in their own feet. 

Roller Balls

Do you not want to have to hold your feet at an awkward angle to massage them yourself? You can also consider a roller ball that is covered in soft spikes that give your feet an invigorating massage. You can find these foot massage balls online for a few dollars, and you simply roll your foot across them to get some of the benefits of a massage. 

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are a good idea if your feet tend to swell up after a long idea. The epsom salts will pull all of the excess fluids out of your feet. The reason your feet collect so much fluids in the first place is partially due to gravity, so give them a rest and pop your feet into a nice, warm bath. 

Try a Foot Spa

How about getting some professional love and care directed at your feet? A foot spa could come in a variety of options. The first is a foot massage. Your feet have a lot of reflexology pressure points in them so, as an added bonus, your foot masseuse is likely to give a gentle massage that activates many of your organ systems at once. 

The next option for foot spa care would be foot baths. You can get them with hot water and bubbles, mud, or various refreshing essential oils. Many of these treatments include a foot massage as part of the deal, and you may get a pedicure too.

The final kind of foot spa is a fish tank. This is a common phenomenon throughout Asia. Small fish will eat the dead skin cells off of your feet, giving you a gentle massage and softening your feet at the same time. Give your feet some much-needed love and try one, or all, of these options for pampering feet. You won't regret it!

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