Remedies For Hair Removal That Are Easy To Make

Shaving regularly can be annoying. There are hair removal options, such as laser hair removal. However, you may want to see what other options are available. Fortunately, there are also hair removal remedies. 


Raw papaya can be used to remove unwanted hair. This ingredient will break down the hair follicle over time. This ingredient will make your fine hairs less noticeable. It will also come with other benefits, such as exfoliating in order to give your skin a better texture. The papaya pieces can be peeled off and can then be ground into a powder. When mixed with tumeric powder, this will be turned into a paste. Then, the paste can be massaged into the areas where you would like to remove fine hair follicles. Afterward, the paste can be washed off. For the maximum benefits, this should be done once a week. 

Tumeric And Milk

If you do not have papaya, but do have milk, another option is to create a hair removal product using milk and tumeric. Add enough milk to tumeric in order to create a paste. It will need to be able to stick to your face until it dries up. However, this treatment is only effective for those who only have a little hair on their face. Adding rice flour might help if you have denser hair.


Another very natural hair removal technique is sugaring. This is very gentle on the skin. It is carried out using sugar, water and lemon. This creates a thick, sugary paste that has a consistency similar to caramel. It can fortunately be used for all skin types, hair textures and even for those with sensitive skin. The substance is spread over the skin in the direction of the hair. The hair is embedded in caramel and provides enough grip to where the hair can be pulled out. The process is similar to waxing, but is more gentle, cleaner and less painful. 

A Visit To A Local Spa

If you are still struggling to remove your hair, a great place to go is a spa. There, you can receive many services besides hair removal. It is also helpful to visit a place where you can be given advice on how to remove your hair and there may be multiple treatments that can be tried until one is found that works for you. You may need multiple waxing sessions or you may need laser hair removal.