Reasons That A Chair Massage Is Superior To A Massage Chair

The two terms consist of the same two words, but there's no confusing a chair massage and a massage chair. The latter is a chair that you can buy, plug into the wall, and turn on to get a massage. The former is a type of massage that you can book at many massage therapy clinics, in which you sit face down on a specialized chair instead of on a table for your treatment. You may be enticed to buy a massage chair so that you can get your sore and tired muscles kneaded while you sit in comfort at home. However, here are some reasons that a chair massage is far superior.

It's Tailored To Your Issue

While a massage chair has several settings that can provide different degrees of pressure and even different types of movement, a chair massage with a massage therapist is more effective at treating specific issues. For example, if you have neck pain, the massage chair may not put enough pressure (or the right kind of pressure) to this part of your body, leaving you unsatisfied after a lengthy period of sitting. When you book a chair massage session with a therapist, he or she can specifically target your neck and knead out all of its kinks.

It's Likely A Better Value

Buying a massage chair can be extremely expensive. While you can buy massaging pads that strap to the back of a chair for relatively cheap, a full massage chair can easily be several thousand dollars. When you assess how much your local massage therapist charges for a chair massage, and then evaluate this number against the cost of buying a massage chair, you might find that you could have a significant number of treatments with your therapist for less money than you'd spend buying your massage chair.

It Won't Wear Out

Eventually, even a high-quality massage chair that you buy will wear out. The massaging mechanisms may stop working, the chair may lose its padding and no longer be comfortable, or other issues may take place. When you choose to visit a massage therapist for chair massages, you won't have to worry about such issues. Massage therapists don't "wear out," which means that even after having chair massages for several years, you'll still be getting what you want out of the appointment.

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