Ensure That Your First Chair Massage Is A Good One By Remembering These Tips

When you've booked your first chair massage, it's important to understand that this experience won't be like any traditional massage that you may have had. While many massage therapists offer both types of treatment, there's little doubt that a traditional massage and a chair massage are each highly different. In order to get the most out of your chair massage and ensure that it's as memorable as possible, there are several simple tips that you should keep in mind — and that you might not know if you've only ever had a traditional massage. Here are three such tips:

Specify The Area You Want Worked On

One of the biggest differences about a chair massage is that it's often shorter than traditional massages. Whereas 60-minute traditional massages are common, you may find that your massage therapist is offering chair massages for just 15 or 20 minutes. With less treatment time, you want to be sure that your physical needs are met. This means that it's imperative to specify the area that you want worked on. In a traditional massage, the therapist can often cover your enter body in an hour. With just 15 or 20 minutes, however, you'll want to specify one or more areas on which the therapist can concentrate.

Make Sure That You're Comfortable

When you're lying on a massage table, regardless of whether you're on your front or your back, it's hard not to be comfortable. When you sit on a massage chair for the first time, however, you shouldn't just assume that you'll be comfortable. You should always give feedback about the position of your body so that your therapist can make the necessary adjustments to the chair to improve your comfort level. Don't be afraid of voicing this issue even midway through the massage — your ability to get benefits from the massage depends on how comfortable you are.

Decide How You'll Approach Clothing

A traditional lie-down massage typically involves the client being partially undressed, while the client is generally dressed during a chair massage. Unless you're having the chair massage in a public area where keeping dressed is mandatory, you can give some thought to how you'll approach your clothing. For example, you may wish to ask if you can remove your shirt to allow the therapist to better treat your shoulders or the muscles in your upper back. Your therapist will provide feedback on whether doing so is possible.

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